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Etude in G minor by Haze

1st movement / G minor in a 6 8 tempo
i'll paint all my notes
and as my fingers fall on your skin,
i'll play a melody that only we can understand
i'll explore all the secret areas of you,
just like how i explore the treble strings of a baby grand.
i'll strum and hit, pull and strike
take u to a crescendo.

2nd movement
then i'll just let my fingers drop
i'll curtsy like a lady
and i will leave.
as i leave, i can still hear the low decibels of the piano's echo hum

from Weber i will move on to an E'rard..
who will be next.
to see me sway my head and body to a cantabile lilt
or to fall in pesante

3rd movement
and as the years lament by,
i will live on the satisfaction
that they will never find another.
just like

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