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what the hell. where the fuck.
i said. where.
where the fuck did i get the balls to put this shit up.
"um.... 7 eleven"

which is why i didn't. i put this instead. didn't i.
din no fucking make no difference.

Its been so insanely long since I plugged in my tablet.
you heard it.
plug wat yo.

why am I talking like a nigger
well, my love of a father got drunk pissed at me that day.
(I was the drunk one, mind)
and went :
I am not gonna wait for no damn you.


went clubbing for 2 nights straight
*tsk tsk shake head.. what's happening to haze*
i rained torrents of bile and shit on kim's car and i can hear her yakking away on her phone.
then a whiff of irritating smell hit me. a tissue box hit my hands.
I officially hit a 6 for the 'number of times i club'

"well, put it this way.."
fuck that. fuck you.
the next time i see you, not only will i rain torrents of ice cubes on you. i ma gonna rain my bile n shit on your faggot face.

(turns on sweet mode)
I celebrated my birthday at No Black Tie.

um. thank you for all the wishes. After the clubbing shit ( oh fuck, sweet mode) after all the partying.. i LOVE my guys. ALL the guys in my life.
*chomp* I m eating the 12 hour old prosperity burger.
the onions taste like hair.
It's 5.44 am now.

shiina ringo is my fucking god.
thanks johnny. i know i m your god.
(this is why u let me in ur band right, which i m beginning to think its non-existent)
and also thank you for that hugely emo and touching comment.
it must have crushed your balls and inverted your nipples just trying to be nice to me eh.
appreciate the effort man. best present ever, the msg not the balls.
bread n butter forever.

and thank YOU.
for remembering.
its not like we are friends. GASP
it silence the hard rock that is playing in my head and tuned it to jason mraz's geek in pink.
that's what you did.

.. of cos. thank you.
for giving me the screams.
wtf sony ericsson logo on the present box.
ps. i'm yours?
i'm yours???

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