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Update to all people who were/is in my life

Since no one freaking read this dead blog.. i m gonna cater it to all my long time friends from mmu n god knows where you know me from.

especially my ex housemates who used to sit through my cooking-obsession to my working-obssession to my gossip and shockingly unhygienic health.

So this is an update bout what has been happening in my life.

Dear people from my traumatic years,
1. I know the truth now.
2. I will be coming back for revenge.
3. I realized my father was right, you were all wrong.
4. I know that yall never did love me, you were just making up for your fucking sins.
5. My dad n I have a strong bond now.

Dear people from my teenager years,
1. I am no longer meek and ugly
2. I am confident and so loud you better run
3. I think I m hotter too.
4. oh. and I smoke and club.
5. I dun really care bout yall but somehow I think I still do cuz when I see yall hang out without me, I asked myself, 'Why am I not there again?'
6. I graduated from MMU last August.

Dear MMU friends,
1. I am still unemployed unless self employed counts
2. I am still as unhealthy.
3. I do not cook anymore
4. I have fun everyday but still make money every month.
5. I am bored even when I am stressed working
6. I learned how to play mahjong and I am addicted to it.
7. I still sleep as random as I used to.
8. Me and David is still together.
9. I am not pregnant
10. I am getting married though (kidding)
11. I miss yall... Happy birthday Charel and Dennis. I bet the letters are struggling to get away from each other due to the souls inhabiting the words 'Charel' and 'Dennis'
12. David is now stuck to a 2 am curfew
13. He also took the California Fitness Gym membership to satisfy my wants for a hot bf
14. We just went Jason Mraz concert. We saw Bayie, Marrisa, Fariq, Chew, Aimran, Fuu and Syikin there just now.
15. His world still evolves around me entirely.

Dear best and close friends,
1. I am still the same.
2. I wonder how all of you are doing in your job

update closed.
i wonder if i can tag yall to do the same cuz i really wanna know what's going on in your life right now.
Dennis, Calvin, Ivan(die la you), Johnny, Vinn, Charel, Dwong, Auds, Celine, Tan


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Charel said...

aah, how long ago was this? *scrolls up to check date again* sorry been missing out much on everybody's life. will catch up. soon-ish. *keeps fingers crossed*