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No longer need to impress

I used to never take a photo without makeup. Dressed to shock and heels are a must. My hair has to be done and I have to hold a solid conversation. 

These days I couldn't be bothered to have make up on. Id rather sleep in. Id go to work in what I slept in. And I hate heels. I truly loathe them. My hair is often in a mess and whenever I had to wait for someone, I had to fight the urge not to kneel on the ground or lie flat on the ground. 

I guess I no longer need to feel reassured of who I am to the public. I no longer want to impress with my physical appearance. And I just want to be comfortable. 

One thing that never change, I still feel like I am the coolest. 

I feel that this blog has been with me a long time and I need to give it a happy ending. A resolution for my younger days. 

In every story the endings the hardest to read, it's boring it's predictable and it's not full of surprises. For the most part it means that a anomaly is finally going to be normalcy and it's no longer interesting to follow. 

However, it's a good place to be. Peaceful and happy. 

Here's to good days ahead. 

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