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FAME, at tfx

ok... for three times straight.. i have been approached by talent scouts in shopping complexes like klcc and sungei wang.. first time in sungei wang..but they didn't call..second time in klcc..i wanted to get back..and i gave the wrong number.. the third time..which was last week... i gave my real number.

so i went for the interview yesterday..

they handle talents for sunsilk digi..cadbury..bla bla.. now they r searching for new faces.. there will be 6 classes.. fully sponsored.. after that.. its freelancing.. no contracts.. if i wanna accept... i can.. if i dun wanna accept.. i dun have to..
no sexy clothings.. no revealings...



have to buy 3 inch high heels.. n a make up set ranging from rm 350-800... cuz be learning poses and make up in the classes..


there were 2 agreements that have to be signed.. that couldn't be taken out of that office.. that couldn't be signed later than today.

so. verdict. SPIDERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woohoo!!... went to watch spiderman after that.. soooOOOO marveelllooousllly NICE!!!!..

so verdict. nope.

dad dun allow. make up too expensive..he claims that they will view cam girls when they are changing clothes.. all sorts of excuses...

well..... the first step to heaven i have been thrown down back to earth. twice as hard....but its ok.. at least i took the first step.

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