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everyone's happy to be home. who doesnt?

i don't.

after such a lovely day out at klcc with him.. spirits is so high.. when i come back.. expected to be warmly welcomed.

instead once i got into my dad's car... i m greeted by questions n rebuking on my outfit.
hello??? doesn't he even realize that skirts r the IN thing nowadays?

... n when i m home.. went up... n locked myself in.. n i can hear him shouting n scolding my sister.. n my sis loud cries...later my sis knocked at my door offering oreos... i let her in.. n i saw a long big red stripe across her leg.

i asked her wats that..

she replied " daddy beat me"

............. i hate this place. i really do.


a nice day out. i have the photos.. will scan n upload them here asap.

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