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IF You love him, tell me how to help him

if he talks bout You so mighty and so great and so loving, tell me . pray tell me how to help him.. for i love him, might not be enough to challenge Yours but enough for me to pain and cry for Your help. help me make him into the man he wants to become.

where have all my dreams gone?.. i almost forgotten that i have them... architecture.. yea... right.. i have given up on them.. but wats painful is that the one i love dreams for me. he dreams that we are walking hand in hand in a museum i designed. proud and tall we walked.. proud of the design. proud of me. proud of us.

where have they gone.

music... fingers flying on the piano.. making people cry to my music. though penniless. i dun care.. where have this dream gone?

you are so much more better than everyone around.. not only when loving.. but everything else too.

though sometimes i wonder if i m pushing u too hard.. taking up all ur time.. disturbing u.. dragging u.. but no matter how..watever izzit u want... i'll try to give u...

just dun runaway.

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