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my love.. u r my destiny..for all times..so faithfully.
to u.. i give my heart to thee..so once again.. i live in love
n so i call this song love.. sent from this heart n sky above.
to only u..this song.. i sing...this melody of love.for u.the dove

i m ..an open book for u.. inside these words i leave a clue..
the sun will fade n start again..like our love.theres no end.


y in the world must all of them be so violent!.

just because of phone calls...he wanna KILL someone. just to make me regret for life..

wat the fuck.

he want me to regret for life.

what bout me?? when i want him to regret for life. i kill myself. to fuck him up. telling him that YEA, u screwed up big time trying to raise a kid. u abused her. verbally emotionally n physically. so live in remorse.

now. just because of phone calls. he wanna kill someone to make me regret for life. as if he will do it. yea. u told me u'll be understanding. but r u. when i confide in u. u throw it back at me so hard that i dun dare talk to u anymore.

u ask for my blog's address. wanted to give u. yea. but u'll disown me if i do.

i cannot have feelings. nor can i have a life. i thought ok.. maybe i can satisfy u with my excellence in studies. but no. not a praise from u.

why r u so...u...mm... uncivilized!?? today's 22 august 2004....not 1964!

why do i blame everything on him!.. did i think that i m correct. no.. i m not. but even so can't u forgive me??? i learnt to forgive u.. but u???

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