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the world has no meaning at all if it is not us who fill it with meaning

ever heard about the quantum theory?

quantum..= defined as something that doesn't have an outcome.

a cat is placed inside a sophisticated cage. a living cat. then poison is put in. only that... we, humans doesn't have a say where the poison would be. it is the cage that is designed to randomly place the poison.

so the death of the cat is all on the catitself.

n the live of the cat is all up to it too.

death 50.50.

life. 50.50


no out come. but the theory of this experiment is that the world is how we view it to be

n if we don't understand Self, we dont understand world.

U are not half the Self u r when u r with me. but u may be Half the Self u r when u r alone. ..

because ur thoughts u THINK is made out of words. so it is made out of words.

but words, are something that WE humanS created, which is imperfect like us. so how can our thoughts be our Self when it is made out of woRds.

so if u understand ur Self, u will understand the world.

...so ultimately.dun tell me u r like this like this n like that. cuz u dun understand ur Self. n because of that. u WON"T understand the world.

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