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i cannot believe i missed so many classes!!!...

myeserday i overslpt
ody i set the wrong time to wake up. cuz my hp raphics card is spoilt. i can't see the top par of it..

is suX big time. i missed 3 classes already.

i lost something. bewteen me n her.i supposed i knew it was gonna happen.i supposed it was meant to be like this.

i kept my promise o Him. but i failed. in doing a good job out of it.he promised me a reward. but i dun think i want it anymore. sometimes i just hae to have faith. no onlyy in Him..but in myself.

is awful. n obvious ha they didn't care. i tot i found something. but i realized that i can never find anything. cuz i los it already/

i can see the look in his eyes las week.

everyhing is crushing down on me.

soon. soon.

n i m looking forward to it.

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