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who needs help?

does those who cry needs help

does that means those who show no feelings. n do not cry do not need help.

does those who cry n cry when they worship love Him

does that means those who doesn't show anything doesn't love Him.

does those who keep complaining need help?

or does those who keep quiet doesn't need help.

does those who praywant their prayers to be answered?

then does those who doesn't pray doesn't want their prayers to be answered.

does those who spend their life worshipping God in every way they can love Him as much as those who doesn't worship.

sometimes people just dun show how they feel. its hard to show. when everyone is fighting to aim for creative expression.

those who keep silent. who don't tell .. who doesn't ask for anything need just as much as those who cry.. those who scream.. those who pray...

i do not need anything. there are people out there suffering n not telling. n i'll never know who they are. a simple person could be complicated inside. a complicated person could be simple. a simpleton who knows nothing but make a big deal out of everything.

but there are those who cry n scream.. cuz whether they keep silent. or whether they make a big deal out of it.. no one comes. no one helps. that is in frustration. n pain. anger.

so who need help most.

not me. arrrr.. not me. :}

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