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stuck halfway between a door. leg on the other side. head on the other. heart in the center.

Shut up.




why ask

why ignore

WHy keep quiet

why run away.

give me.

take away.

leave me.

thats all i m in for.

both times.

the same.


u r right.



all that u cares. is that things goes ur way.

all that i wan. is that things goes my way.

that is why. i fail.

we fail.

u give.

u take.

i give

i take

but gifts are forgotten.

u will be forgotten

i will be forgotten.

all He cares.

all He wants

is that things goes His way.

not ours.

He gave us free will.

as consolation.

so that we can goagainst Him.. have things our way.

but we won't be blessed


all He wants.

is that we love Him all the way.

more than others.

if we love others more. He'll take them away.

all the way. n tell us something better is in store.

is that right?

Father knows best. but there's a reason why we don't let You choose our soulmates.



i may be right.



of cos i m.

always am

i accepted.

just wanna let out some gas now.

cuz i can't take it. can't take it.

cuz i dun want things to go my way. or your way. can't it be our way.

but if my way is not your way. it can never be our way.

no one understands. all they know is that i gotta go.

go get another one. find another.

i have feelings.


pls understand

dun question

i m not stubborn.

just tell me

but dun question.

i'll listen.

maybe i'll follow.

hate me

love me.

i may not change.

be this bad.

be this good.

i may change

be worse

be better.

could u pls stay any how.

my life is not for rent.

not temp.

but i guess it is.

cuz i never learn to buy. or rent.

so its temp.

pain's temp too. i'll forget.

but feelings come from heart. not from brain.

only brain forgets.

heart remains.


why do You come

why do you go.

why do You give. then take.

why do you give take then go. .

why do You see that i m perfect. but still change me with events.

why do you tell me i m good. but u leave for better. n tell me its not my fault.

of cos its not.

first time.

second time.

first not the last.

your first. not mine.

not mine.

mine is forgotten. still i feel. for that person. too different. can't. can't turn back. cannot care bout how i feel. thats teh way it goes.

second. not yet. not yet. i still feel. can't move on. can't stay. care bout what you want. care bout what You want. but i want what i want. thats y i m stuck halfway between a door. leg on the other side. head on the other. heart in the center.

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