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finally have time to blog. because i woke up at the wrong time..
i have been busy with flash.ridiculous

but i did not miss cyber christmas. i did not help out either

i m still busy ...but free til he wakes up.

nothing happened on new year or my birthday. did work

had a dream. miss them all vvv much. never see them for so long adi

now that bastard/bitch that crapped at my shoutbox ON MY BIRTHDAY. stop what u r doing or i'll wreck ur computer. by digital means.

i fell down in the toilet just before cyber christmas. i fell head on. i wrecked my handphone.

anyway. thanks to shien sim, charel, david and celine for ur present. i guess its celine who chooses it. cuz its in purple. it is.. so. her. hehehe

my sister has been vvv sweet... she actually remembered my birthday without anyone reminding her. i wonder where did she wrote it down. anyway. that day was thursday.. when my parents came back she demanded for me.. she assumed i must be back home since its my birthday. n she ASKED for my number. called me n wished me

n the next day. she called me again. n told me she made a present for me( a tissue box with a paper bracelet inside wrapped with newspaper) n a card.

dai sek...dai sek.

i didn't know i miss home so much...
n i also didn't know i dreaded home so much until my father suggested i read the .. dunno wat term.. its a buddhist book.


well. since he is loaded with fortune tellers n feng shui masters at least one of them would already HAVE told him 'i can foresee...that ur daughter would rebel. would turn against u n be a christian. n it will cause ur death.'


cuz it was actually predicted that one of his children cause his death.

must be me..teehee.

what ridiculous shit

n did i mention that my ex went to a fortune teller that foresaw my future.

i will forget my ex in the years to come. i will stay with a friend in an apartment or condo.
i m rich
i m successful
ah. a rich fiance. over 6 years my senior. OUCH
we got married. OUCH.
he got me pregnant. shit.
he has mistresses. damn
i found out. how
he pushed me down the stairs. or i fell down. watever
baby's gone

divorce. money's gone
job's gone
i come running back to my papa. crying
stepmom shoo me out of the house with a broom.

papa gimme a house to stay

i suddenly remembered my ex. wa. amnesia.
i go to australia. look for him.

get married.
get children.

now where did darryl come in.......................hmmmm...
now i really did cried. when i hear all these. a lot.
n this simple baldie actually predicted for singapore's prime minister


i m scared.

well.right now i m more afraid of the last 4 lines than all the others above it.


i m in control. so BAH!
n one foresaw i would follow christ. now why. why oh why

my oh my.

anyway. wuold like to thank everybody. would try to list those down.

ok. in no particular order.

charel. celine. shien sim. david for present.
darryl for present.(s)
jason for helping with sound effects n providing song
yiingtee for giving me the flash assignment n for microphone n for patience n tolerance
audrey n celine for understanding caring n worrying
johnson for worrying n caring
johnsons for voicing out the words
zeek for helping with song. n....caring also la
darryl for doing the sounds. words. helping me. caring. biba. critisize.
waking up. doing the work. findign sounds. did i mention help?
FINISHING. tolerating forgiving. being there.
thank u all

also would liek to apologize
jason johnson zeek for troubling
cc members for not being of much help
cherry. lie yuen. ca po. chin kuan for not able to see yall during festives.
darryl for misunderstanding n for acting on my own without asking. for burdening u with my work. for losing temper. PMS. for biba. crapping. scolding. beating. crying. makign u lose sleep. time. semangat. for not being able to have memorable birthdays.
dad. mom. sis. for not going home 3 weeks straight.
yiingtee if my flash fail.
to all the people that msged me but i din have time to talk to.
audrey for failing n disappointing u. sorry...



i m gonna go back every weekend. have dance lessons on saturday. 2-3. then after that go church. yay!!!

oh. blog's song. the notebook is a marvellous movie. written by teh same author of a walk to remember. its better than a walk to remember. cried buckets when watching

funny how people liek to find movies that scares them =lie yuen
n movies that make them cry = me.

n pull everyone around them to get scared together..sob. n cry together too.

logging off/

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