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finally have the time to blog.


my dad took me to a place. a very remote place. i was shaking with fear. first they made us wash ourselves. they r afraid of STDS
n then we were told to sit down. my dad next to me. n he started.

now he, is fat. with moustache.

he squeezed.. poked. twitched. with all his strength. n i screamed again n again.

i clutched my fathers hand. n all he did was laugh.

oh. i was rudely deflowered. he pushed n poked. n my whole body felt went contorted.

my father said. relax

i couldnt take it

it went on n on for 40 minutes. the agony of it.
pregnancy's easier. i swear. my heart was beating so fast i was sweating. clutching at my fathers hand

oh. he was sleeping. all these while. he was sleeping. while i screamed. cursed. threatened.

i tried over n over again to distract myself by looking at a very amateur oil painting of fishes.
amateur... why amater. cuz though thru all my contortions i can make out a very badly stroked shadow. a fish tail that just disappear.


40 minutes over. i coul barely walked. i staggered.

my dad paid. n we walked out.

out of

REBORN foot reflexology.

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