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i m a christian

no u r not scroling down n skipping this

n yes i m gonna preach



i m sick n tired of reading atheist's blogs.

www.svicideking.blogspot.com ... see the blank entry with the pig's live crucification? highlight the whole entry n be very angered by what he did on christmas.

to sum it all. in my softened words. he put 2 planks. crucify a pig liver there. put some notes.

n hang it/ nail to churches' gates.

on christmas.

another example.


she decided to make a long blog entry critisizing christians just because her younger brother decided to go to church on christmas. n because her long lost friend couldn't stop preachign to her.

n she left christians defenseless because she commented sternly that she will delete every post that contain elements of preaching.


now when u hear a song u really love. what do u do. u share.

a movie. u share. n u hope to see the same joy in ur friend's faces that was in ur face.

its just the same. i found someOne who loves me n could loves u. what do i do. i share.

i want u to feel how much awe i felt. how much love. so i share

dun come complaining that u hear nothing. u felt nothing. u were forced to say u felt something out of shame. n out of ur i-want-2-please-my-christian-friends attitude.

dun go around askign the same stupid question. if god loves us all. y someof us crippled. some of us poor. some of us stupid. y people get raped. get killed.

god gave us free will. mistakes we did using our free will. are carried on to the next generation. u rape a friend. ur daughter will get the same treatment. u play a guy out. ur son will get it .

you steal. u kill. maybe in ur generation of family. someone gets crippled . the one who pays for ur debts n wrongdoings r ur loved ones.

u take drugs u go clubbing u fornicate. u will get it not in ur life. but ur generation will face twice the pain.

so dun come wailing demanding that people shouldnt be crippled when some of their anscestors were not punished for their evil deeds on earth. so god take action.

yes its unfair to those who's being punished for something they didn't do. its just something to stop us from sinning so that our loved ones won't get the pain n sufferings.

the sufferings u get today is not ur fault. neither it is god's.

dun blame others for living righteously in god's way while u go clubbing. fucking. smokeing. drugs. N THE MEAN TIME complain about god dun wanna touch u or feel u or why he make us poor n stupid n crippled one ar???

where's the sense in that.

no use stopping clubbing. smoking. drugs. sex. n expect god to come to u in return for ur efforts. it takes more than that.

His love comes without conditions . but dun expect something so great to come to u when u only sacrifice something so little.

u have to find out mreo botu Him for him to come to u. like how u do when u love someone.

u have to love him first before everything else. read the bible.

complain complain without getting facts right. even if u wanna complain about food u ahve to eat the food first.

siao kao.

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