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i fixed my BLOG!!!!

n i found my old friends from my high school!!!

not all.
but would like to have all of their blogs so that i can keep up wih them

n mmu links.. why cant i find a single pic... WHY!!!!!

i m going ot fcm nite. my first prom. but with a friend.... WHY

about to go ou hunting for a dress...ah... with someone special. THANK GOD

shadow.. if u wat me to change ur link pic tell me.. n if u want the pi tel me also..:D

assignment free for a while. but still stressed over assignments.. 4 more to go.
english . mle. df. cg.
n then finals
n then i m in BETA!!!

no more alpha.

gonan have hols in 3 weks tim..
n gonna catch up with high school friends during the hols...
ICQ is dead!!!!!!!... msn is In.. YAHOO is in.. but i dunno anyone's id..

cuz i dun use friendster -_-"

today going out.. n will take amny many pics for my blog.... muah.. muax..muak..

but i m getting fat. but nvm. so is everyone else! liahahahahaha

why is dead?
1. the games came too late.
2.interface not nice
3.man. everytime u get a msg, it goes uh oh.
4.display pic came too late
5.no buzz or nudge ..aybe too late too
6. flowers are not IN anymore..:(
7. even if u have someone icq.. ucan only wait for that banana to online. but if u have msn or yahoo. u can wait for them to online or send email. there.
8.no nice emoticons or winks or launchcast radio
9. noImvironments.. cannot doodle..cannot draw.
10. STUPID TYPING SOUND..tat tat tat tat
11. ..ts not the only messenger anymore
12. webcam n audio not good. or non existent for the fact


1. display pic only for msn. display pic n avatar for yahoo
2.nudge for msn..not loud... buzz n audibles for yahoo
3. backgroudns for msn.. imvironment for yahoo!!..got movies..games la..
4. msn emoticons not emotional wan. yahoo one is emotional
5. can have gradient for yahoo fonts. msn tarak
6. msn no offline msgs. yahoo u can send until bonkers
7. msn always hang when transfering. yahoo hang also got yahoo transfer server
8. msn change also because of yahoo wat.
9. yahoo status can b changed easily. acn put links n emoticons in status
10. LAUNCAST..yahoo got radio can listen.. msn tarak
11. msn webcam small.

vs Image hosted by Photobucket.com

1. everybody using firefox
2. firefox lees pop ups
3. firefox less virus
4.firefox is created by a 19 year old hunk
5. firefox connection more stable
6. firefox when dun havee certain page wil tell u.. cannot connect will tell u.. time out will tell u.. not like IE.. EVERYTHING n ANYTHIGN also not available online. annoying page.
7. but IE still supports most of the interactivity like certain flash animations.. movies..html..css... if u open blog in IE..look nicer.. in firefox..might have errors.
8. html coding software havent take firefox into their account yet
9. firefox logo vvv cun

posted by ambassador of yahoo messenger n firefox
stamp it.

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