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its dubbed pregnatable difficult to comprehend the visage of the inner fabio of the other more dominant sex. so impenetratable is their mind, and when penetration thru the actual membran of an egg is done, the said creature will have a very excitable game of denial with you, convincing you that the penetration is the result of ur mental insanity.

its definitely cute and spastic to Him. for Him to spectate us from above, lil tiny big heads with small feet that are phrasing something nice about the cat in front of a wanton and when that piece is not looking, he kick the poor cat away. or fat women flaying on make up for 6 hours looking no difference compared to their hour before complexity of their bus ridden face. n also cute lil men on knees praying n mumbling to Him for help for their cuase of proscratination. n of cos. me. wailing n crying asking Him why why why.. and when someone walk pass my door. i quickly feign sanity. how simple we are .


like how some ego display their ego on their ego so that people can compare their ego with that ego's ego and therefore make ammendments to their ego to be more ego than the earlier said ego.


how obvious is this.
ego 1= i m strangled by ur insanity so much that i have to strangle you back cuz u strangled me first. n by strangling u back as a result of u strangling me, it is therefore YOU who strangled me n YOU who are guilty.

ego 2= i was suffocated by ur breasts once so now that u r 3 feet away from me, i shall remian suffocated to avoid being more soffucatted if u ever come any nearer. n because u r 3 feet awa y from me as a result of ur previous suffocating me with ur breasts, it is therefore YOUR fault.

ego 3= i was happy that i could wind the gears in my rusty head and therefor i m happy with it and i shall not tell others how teh gears in my rusty head were wound. and because you forced me to tell others how my rusty headed gears were wound as a result of knowing how happy i was in teh first place that it is actually winding, YOU are therefore at fault.

ego 4= i m fucked up because i was fucked by you, n now i wanna be fucked by you but i cannot cuz you fucked me up and therefore i m fucked up. n i shall remain fucked up until u r willing to fuck me and tell me u r not going to fuck me up anymore cuz we wont have time to play 'fuck me up and fuck me then tell me i m not fucked up' games anymore.

ego 5= .therefore i m now giving a name to a river i sourced as the result of you and because of that, i shall wait til you come and sk em the naem of the river and then i'll fuck you up because in fact, as the reason of u fucking meup, i wana fuck u up also. so that u can feel fuck up and cry me a river and thenname the river. which i already know is going to be my name cuz thats what i naemd my river after. YOU.

recipe= fry ginger egg vege into fumy beautiful garbage. n dump them into pan n put water to sog it to death. ndeny the soup to your father because u want it to go to someone else.
but who would want garbage. i might as well give my father since he thought it was a father and daughter thing but fuck that too, cuz the daughter sweeps him out of the tradition cuz she was just thinking of someone else that she thought who want the garbage but no. of cos he wont

it is pointless and a complete waste of temperamental fumes and heat to bring this to order because it wont be in order as it will be started with screams and curses and bitchslapping. not from me no.
n the reason being is because i am ending this here by bitchslapping here so that the order will only be ruined by you and you alone as you will be the ego that starts the order by shutting up both the defender and victim and witness by accusing all of them with suspicions of someone in love.

someone in love.

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