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REVOLUTIONARY etude in c minor by frederic chopin

no no.. chopin is a pianist not an artist. MOTION assignmnet. ahd to paint the music in picture while listening to the music n include the instrument as well.

anyway.. try to figure out teh keyboard... :D

trying to show that music is not a form of language.. but something tangible in space.. soemthing that exists in space.. the waves.. 3d..

concepts from escher. he's both a mathematician and artist... who created art to show mathematicians how simple thing like lines and colour can make them lose hair thinking about it.

works from him.MC escher

stairs up or down??? left right?

day to night... converting positives to negatives

my fave. 2d to 3d..



now now. they never say who is the one that created the cube of optical illusion eh?

would ya look at that.

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