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i have learnt my lesson i will...

1. not have passengers in my car.
"other than ramp, wat are the 4 things that you see?"
"yala. i know la. after the ramp, turn right le ma. see wat 4 things la. no need"
"i m talking about buying pc!! ram!!! NOT RAMP!!"

2. not pull any handle to flush after i pee.
"you know, just now after i pee i naturally needed to flush, i pulled the handle and the shower head came on full blast on my head"
" oh you know, we went for this 4d thing in a-famosa, theres water splurting out in this scene. the 2nd time it happens, my uncle tried to block it with his leg. but the water ended up in his mouth instead."

3. force my sister to eat more rice.
"my nephew doesnt like to eat at all. and he faces the tv the whole day. once he was holding this ladle in his hand playing masak-masak. theres this mosquito... he planked it down to the floor."
"wow. n then he fried it? so geng ha."
"no. he ate it on the spot. his parents searched for it in his mouth, its not there. he ate it i tell you. the next time we went to a restaurant.. he wasnt eating as usual.. his sister claimed " eat mossi also full la!"

4. buy one present for multiple occasions with multiple greetings.
"why you buy?"
"oh. christmas."
"i thought u dont celebrate christmas..."
" i don't, i celebrate christmas with new year and birthday and anniversary. this one covers all."

5. use 3rd gear instead of 5th.
"you know..whenever i use 3rd gear.. see? like this.. it has no push or grip on the road at all. hear the sound?? something wrong leh."
" eh yala.... go n check it la... something wrong. shouldnt be like this."
"yala!! and then when i change to 4th gear.. i have to push to the left a bit.. or na!! you see? like this..it'll go down to reverse gear liao wan. damn sien"
i think u change to 5th gear instead of 3rd la."
" eh!!!!!!!! YALA!!! see?? now can go uphill!!! and look!! just push down its 4th gear already!!! OMG."

6. lie when needed to save the day/person/any ships.

7. keep my sketchbook up to date this time around

8. not save any of my posts as drafts anymore.

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