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this morning slept at 3 am. woke up at 5 am. couldnt sleep

was watching tomb raider when my dad came back all excited.

according to him.. 3 am last night a naked girl was thrown out of a car into the streets just downhill my house near the petrol station.

she was raped i supposed.. gang raped.. and she tried to flag down a car for help.. 2 cars just zoomed past her without even glancing.

finally one stopped by and gave her clothes and then sent her to the hospital.

she was in her teens.

could have been me. could have been you.

i m not surprised at the lack of response from malaysians. or human for that aspect. life is like a jungle that we have to fight thru all by ourselves.

pls be careful. buy a pepper spray today. available at condom shops. buy those that will only repel the assailant n not both the assailant n the victim. i think the amount of alcohol have something to do with the vaporisation of the pepper spray.

to guys out there who cannot get a fuck, go wank or do porn or something. leave us alone. or we'll staple your instrument over your shit chute. so u cant shit, pee or fuck.

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