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argument.silent war

few days ago something happened... which was due to alot of people who are either mute and deaf .

suddenly there was tears. i know i seen one of them. but i m sure theres more from others.

but the funny thing is that the fault ultimately lies in me.
everything ultimately reaches me and i cant put anything or everything to order cuz if i do this post will probably repeat again.

from this lesson we learnt that.
1. never conteng someone's face
2. open ur ears when someone kena marah
3. dont repeat another person's mistake
4. no matter how angry u are, dun CNN behind someone back to others
5. when you scold someone, leave room for that someone to defend himself n dun just walk away.
6. when kena scold, dun think its not ur fault.
7. when someone wanna be alone. he means it.
8. listen to both sides of the story but dun listen to the negative one last
9. dun send hate-mail when provoked. din mean it. sorry.
10. dun CNN again n again to others bout incidents
11. when u make someone cry, no matter how u comfort also wont work.
12. when ur bf keep away from girls to make u feel less insecure, u r creating trouble.

n from this lesson i m thankful because...
1. i know my friends will stand up for me if my face kena conteng
2. i was jerked out of the oblivious n learned to speak up more bout how i feel
3. this people will kacau n reboot me again n again if i try to isolate myself
4. everyone is a better person after this incident
5. everyone is honest for once. for this once.
6.when anything happen, no need to tell anyone cuz got alot of CNN's
7. i learnt to make vv nice porridge. use soup to make the porridge instead of water.. and then hor..must always stir. n stir n stir.

and one more thing
my bon-miao pasu peh char liao!!!!!!!

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