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before i go ipoh..

thank u guys.. for the wonderful time..
i cant believe i kept on smiling to myself .. thinking bout the times we shared..

the food. the movie. the flash. especially the flash...

the magic shows. the dances.. the jokes..

the scenery.. the sunrise.. the night thru.. the rain.

the influence of my words.. like when i just came back.. n lesly told me that when he made that potato salad.. he thought of me miao miao fat.
n everybody started miao miao fat. fat. bbbbb..

n the hindustan scene when 10 villains tried to separate one happy couple... KWAHAHAHAHA
love triumphs!!!!!
ah b strong. miao miao strong.

n all the songs we sang together..

who can forget accidents.
tan with his bycicle helmeted chin. blood stained trousers.
dennis tan & ian in the snake slide.
n of cos. dennis when he slide n fell down thump!! on teh grass then got up pretend nothing happen.

i forgotten how beautiful friendship can be.. thank u for reminding me...
love yall.

peace out til i come back


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