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jiiiiiii wwwaaannnggggg

saying 'i love you' is not the words i wanna hear from u..
its not that i want you not to say.. but if u only knew how easy it would be to show me how u feel more than words is all you have to do to make it real.
then u wouldnt have to say that u love me.. cuz i already knew....

what would you do if my heart was torn in 2? more than words to show u feel that ur love for me is real..
what would u say if i took those words away.. then u couldnt make things new just by saying I love you

More than words

now i tried to talk to u...n make u understand...
all u have to do is close ur eyes n reach out ur hands n touch me...
hold me close

dun ever let me go


i can say goodbye.. but goodbyes can never mean forever
u can say u love me.. but dun make promises... love doesnt need promises
if i dun let go.. her heart will break... i rather be alone...
those whom none can understand... i pity them..
since both love n hate is wrong..
even when i m the one who choose to go.. i still have to cry..

dun ask me how many i have loved before.. how many were with me..
just ask me how much i love you..
dun ask me how times i was hurt.. if u dunno how hurt i was...
dun ask me the one who love me the most.. how much she hurt me...
reality is cruel.
i have given up my soul.

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