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i found it

i wan

i want.

i want

click for larger image

why does it have to be for mens!!!!! I WANT IT ON MY HAND!!!!!!

i m having orgasm already... my goodness....... i want it.

but wait!!!!!!!
GOT WOMEN's section!!

oooo...look at this beauty..

i want to cry.................................... its so nice.

i shall stop dreaming n take out my hp when i want the time.

why.. because it will only ship in march 2006.. n also because its 325 bucks. in usd

i want to cry............ i m so sorry babe.. u were meant to be mine.. but.. we just doesnt have the fate. to cross paths. if u were mine i'll carress u day n night n look at u lovingly for the rest of my life.. but u r so far away. n not even born yet.... baby........... oh baby..

last time i had a lover.. the hands couldnt move. only the screen does. it was swatch.. the hands are always at the position of 10.10 .. so only i can tell the time.. cuz others just thought its a watch with tokyo time. its black n white. elastic strap.....

n i was stolen when i took it off while i played volleyball...

sob.......... after that incident.. i simply do not have the heart to find another.. i was heartbroken. only unique watches impress me... n i do not like those too feminine.

tan verbally raped me
tan made me crash my car
tan is fat
tan instructed me to write like this.
snecx: really?
snecx: faster do la
snecx: promote me..
tan is going to kill me
because he is a curious little mao

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