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baby come back to me... remember how it used to be.
paradise is just out of reach
baby won't u please come back to me?

another night here alone.. staring at the telephone.. willing u to make that call.to bring u back where u belong...

its been three hard weeks.. baby the longest night..
i need to hear ur voice.. n feel ur soft skin by my side...
we said things we shouldn't have.. i take back every word..
don't u know i can turn back time.. its only u n i that pay the price....

the day that we said goodbye..no hiding back the tears we cried...
searching for the reasons y... we let this love just fade n die..
all the riches in the world.. all the diamonds n the pearts..
i give.. to send the winds of chance.. to bring u back to me again..
say that we can heal the pain.. turn the spark into a flame....
i know that we can bring it back again...
cant u see i m down on my knees?

please..release me.. let me go..for i don't love u anymore..
to live our lives would be a sin... so release me n let me love again..

i have found a new love..dear. n i will always want her near..
her lips are warm while urs are cold...
so release me..my darling.. n let me go.

please release me..can u see?
u be a fool to cling to me..
to live our lives would be a sin..so release me n let me love again...

yesterday.. all my troubles seemed so far away..now it looks as though they are here to stay..
oh i believe in yesterday..

suddenly.. i m not half the man i used to be..theres a shadow hanging over me...
oh yesterday came suddenly...

yesterday..love was such an easy game to play.. now i need a place to hide away..
oh i believe in yesterday...

if there were no words.. no way to speak.. i would still hear u..
if there were no tears..no way to feel inside i still feel for u..
n even if the sun refused to shine..even if romance ran out of rhyme.. u would still have my heart until the end of time..
ur all i need my love..my valentine...

all of my life.. i have been waiting for all u give to me..
u opened my eyes.. n showed me how to love unselfishly..
i dreamt of this a thousand times before.. in my dreams i couldn't love u more...
i would give u my heart until the end of time..
u r all ineed.. my love..my valentine..

'never look back.." we said... how was i to know i miss u so?
loneliness up ahead... emptiness behind.. where do i go..?

n u didn't hear..all my joy thru my tears..
all my hopes thru my fears ..
did u know..still i miss u somehow.?

from the bottom of my broken heart..theres just a thing or two i like u to know.. u were my first love... were my true love.. from the first kisses to the very last rose..
from the bottom of my broken heart.. eventhough time may find me somebody new.. u were my real love.. i never knew love.til there was u...
from the bottom of my broken heart....

'baby' i said...."please stay ....give our love a chance for one more day..."
we could have worked thigns out..taking time is wat love's all about...
but u put a dart thru my dreams ..thru my heart...
n i m back where i started again...
never thought it would end..

u promised urself.. but to somebody else.. n u made it so perfectly clear..still i wish u were here..

i cried a tear.. u wiped it dry... i was confused.. u cleared my mind..
i sold my soul.. u bought it back to me... n held the eart..
u gave me dignity...

somehow u needed me..

u gave me strength.. to stand alone again.. to face the world.. out on my own again..
u put me high.. upon a pedestal.. so high that i could almost see eternity..
u needed me.. u needed me..

i can't believe its u.. i can't believe its u..
i needed u.. n u were there...
n i'll never leave.. why should i leave??
i needed u.. i finally found soemone who really cares..

u held my hand.. it was cold n i was lost..
u took me home.. u gaveme love that i was at the end i turned my like..
back into truth.. again u even called me 'friend'...

sorry.. its all that u can say??
days gone by n still.. words dun come easily...like 'sorry..'/
sorry....like sorry..

forgive me.. its all that u can say??
days gone by n still.. words dun come easily..like 'forgive me'
forgive me...forgive me...

but u can say baby...
baby can i hold u tonight..baby if i told u the right words.. at the right time.. u be ine..

i love u...its alll that u can say??
days gone by n still..words dun come easily..like 'i love u'
i love u... i love u..

i heard he sang a lullaby..i heard he sang it from his heart.. when i found out i thought i would die.. becase that lullaby was mine..
i heard he selaed it with a kiss..he gently kiss her cherry lips... i found that so hard to believe...because his kiss belongs to me...

how could n angel break my heart??
y din he catch my falling star??
i wish i din wish so hard..
maybe i wished our love apart.. how could n angel break my eart...

i heard her face was white as rain...soft as a rose that blooms in May...
he keeps her picture in a frame.. n when he sleeps he calls her name..
i wonder if she makes him smile.. the way he used to smile at me..
i hope she doesn't make him laugh.. because his laugh belongs to me...

my soul is dying... its crying.. i m trying .. to understand.. please help me..
i love u..

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