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LOVE [cagnet]

my love.. u r my destiny....for all times... so faithfully..
to u.. i give my heart to thee.. so once again, i live in love...
n so i called this song 'love'..send from the heart n skies above..
for only u.. this song i sing.. this melody of love..for u..the dove

i m...an open book for u... inside these words.. i leave a clue..
the sun will fade n start again.. like our love.. theres no end..

i m gonna start remaking my portfolio...a good new vamp design complete with with flash n sound.. n permanent one.. no more MESS.. or oldies... ..

ihad a concept already.. n i lost it the next 5 seconds.. ..argh...frustrating.

ii m so excited...

hmm...u r probably guessing y.. y m i suddenly so excited.... bout my website. because i.. LONG YEN YEN.. yea.. not ashamed of my name anymore..woohOO..

... my work. MY website. n MY comic strip... for my computer graphics assignmnets last semester were PROMOTED n DUBBED one of the best works... wahhhahaha..
but unfortunately.. in that particular moment of glamour.. i was snoozing in my room..cutting my class.. skipped n truanted. no chance for me to blow kisses or refuse autographs......

i m seriously n surprisingly bored of my work in campus... lost the spirit to do those meander work... once i m donewith my pportfolio i m going job hunting....

i m bored n annoyed to the extreme by bad lecturers that can do good work but doesn't know how to teach... for those who are interested in putting up mp3s in their site as well....yahoo! me for the patch...

well..everything is again alright... love triumph once more.... :D
i would have gladly change this mp3... but i think i'll leave it for a week more.. wat say u?

now....i have work to do.. so if u please excuse me....

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