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its gonna be ok

eventhough i m scared..n afraid.. which i have never felt before...i guess thats the power God bestow on them... game's not in my hands.. i m in the game..but i m not the one playing it.....never will be.. i guess

weird thing is i repell...... y?..y now?...isn't this wat i want?

i guess all comebacks come with conditions..but its ok.its alright..i can adapt...

...lets just wait n see

amazing fairy tale that had come true..mr reliable romantic was u..

blinded ..misguided in the arms of love.. jus cuz it suited the both of us..

then it all went wrong..

i m the one to blame...

takking u for granted...in somany ways..

when i look back now.how can i every forget..u made me so happy....the day we met

how could something so magic become something so tragic right befor my eyes?

two separate ives...every second was a precious moment..now i m thinking about the path i chosen... wish i could unmake mybig mistake...

communication had broken down... this situation was out of our hands..well..my hands.

u got to please understand..that i was too young.. yes.. just too young for that.. i guess it all went wrong.. n i m the one to blame..

but wat i would give to have u back again... the days..the weeks the months..the years we wasteD.. i m sorry.. i still love u.. i dun expect a call cuz my apology's belated.. i m sorry.. n i miss u all my life

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