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looking at the pages of my life...faded memorieS of me n u..mistakes u know i made a few
i took some shots n fell from time to time..u were there to pull me thru..
we been around the block a time or two...
i m gonna lay it on the line.. ask me how we've come this far..
the answer's written in my eyes..

everytime i look at u..baby i see something new...that takes me highter than before..n makes me want u more.. i dun wanna sleep tonight....dreaming 's just a waste of time...
when i look at wat my life's been coming to.. i m all about loving u..

i lived.
i loved.
i lost
i paid some dues..
we been to hell n back again..
thru it al..u r always my best friend.. for all the words i din say n all the things i din do..tonight i m gonna find a way...

u can take this world away.. u r everything i m..just read the lines upon my faces..i m all bout loving u..


i close my eyes...so i dun hear them...they dun need to see me cry..
i know..u can't promise u will heal me...but if i want to.. i know u'll try..

u sang this somber serenade..the past is done.. we been betrayed..its true..
someone said the truth will out... i believe without a doubt, in you.

u were there for summer dreaming..n u gave me what i need...

n i hope u'll find ur freedom...for eternity...for eternity....

yesterday when u were walking.. we talked about ur mum n dad...
wat they did that made u happy...wat they did that made u sad..
we sat...n watched the sun go down...picked a star before we lost the moon..
youth is wasted on the young.. before u know its come..n gone too soon..

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