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1. earn alot like 200 bucks this week.. oh. :D i lost 150 . dropped them? stolen? watever

2. lost my atm card

3. dropped my handphone into the toilet bowl.

4. serious Pre n post menstrual syndrome

5. no money yet didnt know bout it.

6. dad got car accident.. yet i din go back.

7. hurt someone real bad. yet i din apologize.

8. not enough clothes. all worn.

9. one more assignment to go.

10. stumbled upon blogs that gave me shivers, answers, fears, and pain.

... i m sorry i din mean to be clumsy all the time.. din mean to lose things or drop things all the time.. especially gifts. i spoilt n lost mp3 players.. sunglasses worth 500 .. clothes worth 50 .. accesories.. necklaces.. rings.. earrings.. everything.. IC.. passport. gold pendants...cash. watever.
thing is. i dun feel a thing when i lose them. i do not panicked. i guess i m just numb.
i do not even attempt to search everywhere for them..

watever i touch. i spoil. or lose it.

sounds familiar. works with living things too.

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