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after the portraits episode.. i have alot of mixed comments. for most, most that gave me good big clear photos are satisfied and those that gave me hand photos, small ones, complained.

but most came back n wanted more.

to be honest i do not want more. one very obvious reason i cannot write here.. i slaved myself horribly.. not enough sleep. no time to do assignments..n one big reason is no time for my bf n myself.

and i m doing black n whites for the cny extravaganza.. on the feb 12.. after that i will not be doing portraits anymore..
but those who really want it badly can send me their pics... n when i m free i'll do it.. at my own pace.. when i feel like it.. dun rush me. no deadlines. pls dun bug me to faster finish them. for close friends .. it'll be free of charge but dun rush me either.

thats all..


n for those who havent collected.. wait til after hols.. my hp konked out adi. need to get new one.. sigh. there goes my cny money.

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