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official end of sem2 beta

yesterday was the last day of sem2 beta for me. i woke up feeling hot. then cold. then hot. then cold. n then i got sick.

n someone.. was telling me.. dun pretend to be sick!...
n few hours later. ended up feeding me porridge n tablets.

thank u to the guys for the book.. its really wonderful.. though on my bday u gave me a book bout death.. but i really love it. best book i have ever read. i cried buckets.

thank u to the girls for the necklace.. i wanted to get one like that for a long time since i lost mine 2 years ago...

n thank u. for everything. everything. for being patient with me. forgiving n loving.

n happy 7 month anniversary.

nice semester. bad start for this year. meaning it'll get better each day.
underestimated design process...thinking that i do not have to work since i m so good already.. forgotten that good can always be better.. better can always be better. n better. got rejected damn bad on my first attempt. whoever will paint tiger zebra racoon giraffe elephant in all PURPLE?????
hello???wat happened to me?

malaysian studies sucks. sucks. sucks.

multimedia authoring would have been fun if i have gone to all the classes. grateful to dr hew for giving so many chances. n stressed cuz he placed too high a hope on us.

proud of ah b. scripting so geng. but of cos..without me.. he where will be geng.

chinese new year coming. sighz. need to get a new hp. there goes the money.

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