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wild night

while my ah b partied out with his group of friends at some high class club.. i was left in cheras' chinse restaurant with a group of uncles thats either wanna savour me or make me their son's wife.

the night couldnt be good when i went in n already i saw 11 bottles of wine, champagne, martells, XOs, n dr andrew on the table. in15 minutes time i have 2 glasses of booze in front of me.

in 20 minutes time everybody sang happy birthday for no reason. for about 20 times. omg.

n suddenly everyone became matchmakers whenever they see me. u see. the youngest one there had a break up. wat a great timing.
suddenly i m forced to drink with every uncle there.

when the yee sang came.. the poor waitress kena bully.
the fish got disinfection anot?
got sterilized onot?
why put so much oil. put less. less.

n suddenly everyone discuss with my dad bout their son's marriages to me.
oh my god la.

n then the fried rice had to come in a wooden tub.
which became a gong.
a fucking instrument.
a drum in like 20 minutes after the rice ran out.

the poor waitress dunno wat to do with us.. the old lady chased my father round the room trying to get the tub n the cockscrew. wat cockscrew?? read on n u'll see.

n my dad. who asked me to come along in the beginning cuz he planned to get drunk n let me drive him home... didnt get drunk because i drank everything n i did not get drunk.

n suddenly people asked me.. why i cannot get drunk. i can drink so well.
n more funny. where u usually drink?

i was like..... i wanna go home............................

n then the karaoke.
that was bad. people were smoking. n i was dragged to the .. um. floor. n more matchmakers.
but theres matchmakers n also saviours
a few stopped attempts of others to drink with me.
n one even scolded the uncle next to me.. cuz u know wat. he open his arms for a hug. i was next to him. some dude ran over n hug him. n since his arms were behind me. i was like in the hug.

i was like. wtf.

the next time it happened. i ran. to one of the woman's side.

oh my god la.

n they sing jiwang jiwang songs... n pretend to wipe each other's face.
then tong hua... omg they spoiled the song

n someone started making jokes bout buying lottery numbers. mai ji.
n it turned into chao chee bye.

oh no la.

n that woman suddenly kissed another girl. n another girl. n me! n then suddenly big ugly men ran to kiss me.

but of cos didnt happen. AS IF I WOULD LET IT HAPPEN.

n my father fucked the wooden tub. ya thats him.
n he used a cockscrew to sodomise a guy from behind thru his pants. ya thats him.
n then he tied a beer to a man's backside n then dance provocatively behind him.
n then he placed a cake flat on a man's face. in return he also kena.
in the end he put a filled ang pao on the ceiling between the light n the ceiling.

-_-!... i feel so mature... beside these kids..

oh my god la.

quote from one of the uncle to my dad 'arent u afraid next time ur daughter grow up to be worse than u'

n he din protect me also. knn ccb next time wont go out with them. gila siao wei.
n i will only get drunk when ah b is around. if not i won't.. dangerous. all bout the mind.

wonder what's happening in ah b's side of the party.

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