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in cyberjaya..where hills are little.. trees are little but beautifully foliaged against the gradients of the sky...moon n stars could be seen clearly.. especially when the night goes deeper n deeper, the clouds disappears...showing stars n the beautiful luminuous moon under its curtain..

n when it rains.. you can see the floor turns purple or blue... n if u r lucky..u can catch the lightning flash across the sky, with blue or purple neon around those crisp lines.. n then..after a while.. the growl of lightning come... deep n strong..it makes u tremble.


ok.. today's the most hectic n happening day..

hmm..lets do roman this time..ok?

i. classes at 11-1 pm.. english.. misunderstood..thought its til 12.. so i booked piano in the STAD from 12 -1 n 4- 6..

ii. after class at 1, went to STAD..only to find out its locked for LUNCH HOUR. ok . fine. so i have my lunch at MY cafe with darryl. no western food.. ish.. ish. ish.. have to do with fried rice.. crappisiikillish.. need to finish in 10 mins time cuz need to go for next lecture.. was late.. to my surprise.. audrey n fel is even later... few students were there..many of them r attending the ptptn loan briefing.even audrey n fel.. sob. left me out.. sob sob.. :(

iii. after the next class which was DA.. went back to piano at STAD.. realized darryl's book still in my bag.. argh.. but i stayed there played til i got fed up with myself... n the damn hard piano. ok. CLANINOVA or something. electric piano.

iv. left after a few lame attempts at playing the piano..went off.. wanna go playground.. so went up put things first..met fel on the way out...then realized i forgot my hp.. so went back to our room again.. asked her to call my hp..see where i put it.. she called. n it rang. but nothing was heard.


i left it at the stad building....i was thinking of walking oh so casually there to retrieve it when fel went like "1000 bucks ar!! RUN !! RUN!! RUN as fast as u can!!!! "

n i ran. i forgot when i last ran this fast.

when i reached there.. the door is locked.no key can open. only smartcards... the guard there is like "i dun care....dun give a damn. u r only one of the million cases.." but in the end managed to get it back.. eventhough sweat all over....

v. then ran to the playground again. in the rain. as if i m not wet enough... bad luck ..god...so tired..
so sien..nothing to do.. so just hang around there.. yakking away with him.. n suddenly the most unexpected thing came up..ok..not that unexpected lar.. but still..unexpected. \(^^)??

vi. ok. official. ..um...hehe.. darryl is my bf. i know shadow already expected already.. so no surprise ..n few of my past blogs were bout him.. so go figure n put the pieces together..if u r so free..

vii. ok.. i think watever i say next also no use.. but still have to blab on right...? ok..so after that..go choir.. so sien..dun wanna play piano..but still..have to play..so sien.... sigh.

viii. he called.. settled things clean n easy. felt as if i m the most cruel person on the earth. reasons jumping at me to hate myself. but still have to do it. so. done.

ix. go playground again......... this time it was dry..kinda .. n saw the others there.. um..namely..people from my class.. hang out with them for a while.. din really fit in.. so went off..

x. i m afraid of heights..sob..sob.. sat together.. at um.. where..oh yea..hehehe..the hut beside the UFO LANDING AREA..hahaha..its actually a place the Christian Fellowship meet there for prayer..but its so uncomfortable sitting in those weird round shape but not round enough kinda chair...at least the fact that got a soft organic shape there for me to lean on is more comfortable...haha... don't expect me to go into details.

xi. so now back. blogging. sleepy. n chatting with audrey in msn eventhough she's right beside me..cuz i m wearing my headphones....deaf to her.. haha.

xii. wat?? still want more? ok ok.. then i go sleep..n tomoro will wake up n do my paintings.. argh.. i need better ones!!..my ink Stinks worse n worse than anything.

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