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when i was a little girl.. i starting sailing.. little ships.. FRIENDSHIPS.. cute little ones.. we sailed together at the same speed, heading in the same horizon.. manuevering thru storms n rain together.. eventhough masts were sometimes tangle with each other.. they held thru seasons and years of HARDSHIP.

i grew up.. still sailing .. some ships left early...some left marks on my mast.. 5 of them stayed together with me..
there were ships i wanted to get close to.. but the wind n waves held me back..

we sailed together.. thru hurricanes.. n typhoons.. many a time our mast got torn down but we held true.

right now.. the wind n the rain brought all the ships to new destinations.. far far apart from each other..

we meet new ships.. ships that are grand.. n different.. destinations that are tempting..

i have met new ships.. good ones... good enough to just go on sailing with them.. but i still miss the old ones badly..

but theres always a port for all of us to meet together.. MY BLOGSPOT LOR..

'WELUVU' dedicated to shadow, cherry, moon maiden, cozzluvs n witch 13.

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