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it tomoro never comes.. i'l regret. really regret. .. maybe i should be honest.

just now fel made me realize all this.. i dun have to let my past decide my future..

but i dun wanna hurt anyone anymore.. which is why i m holding back all these while.

i m so crap.

theres so many things i wanna say out here..sob.. cant say any at all. so many things i wanna tell him.. but couldn't..just now fel was voicing out to me.. so i voice out mine too...feel so much better letting it out.. but i NEARLY told fel bout who it was.. i was so tempted to tell..luckily didn't. phew.

well. if tomoro never comes.. if today's the last day.. wat would u do??

oh..today..something unexpected happen. ..again..can't say it here. crap. i thought this thing is supposed to be my diary..now its a DISHONEST one.

dun wanna blog already.

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