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i was so high i did not recognize, the fire burning in ur eyes. the chaos that controlled my mind. i tried so hard to keep u satisfied, keep u cumming everynight. so hard to keep u satisfied. this love have taken its toll on me. you said goodbye too many times before, your heart is breaking in front on me. i had no choice cuz i won't say goodbye anymore.

heck care already.

yawn...just woke up... i slept from 6 something last night til an hour before NOW.

feels so good... finally A DAY where i DON'T yawn in the bathroom...!!

yawn...** wat was i saying??

hehe.. ok..df coming up.i screwed up.. did not bring my pallete.. still at home. crap . yay! audrey has extra .. thank god for her.

anyway.. since this blog is public now... there r certain things i shouldn't write here.. or so i have learnt the past week..


ok. yesterday.. had boring lectures.. n the groundnuts smell is still in my head.... \(^o^)???? ..scratch**

feeling less negative.. but still not positive.. not neutral either.. wat a pessimist i m....

signing off.. yawn**

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