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no1 movie at the Sundance Film Festival

this movies rawks

its about this guy... who has short term memory loss..due to an injury he sustained while his wife was raped n killed by a man... n what he did was he write notes on the photos .. n notes on papers.. to remind himself what he has to do every single second.

his whole body is tattooed with reminders. reminders to do stuffs.. n cellotapes stuck on his body to remind himself to shave.. or bath. n reminders to find the killer n kill him.

wats so amazing is that the movie is in 2 parts.
black n white.. and the coloured.. the black n white goes chronologically.. from past to future.. wherelse the coloured goes from future to past.

n as both part plays... each part has its own climax... in the end.. the black n white part meets the coloured part.. bringing the present. n amazingly.. it has its own climax.

yes. it does means that the beginning of the movie is the ending of the story, but amazingly. that did not take the excitement away. n as the plot unfolds. more n more endings came in. until u realize, wat the director's msg actually is.

that was wat makes this movie so replayable. again n again. sometimes u watch it goes from past to future.. n then u need to go from future to back. again. n again. just to understand it. like him. going again n again from past to future cuz he had short term memory loss.

nope. its not a love story. neither izit an action movie. n u will not applaude it when it ends. cuz ur too stunned to do anything after such a performance.

its not predictable. n its a movie u cannot tear ur eyes away from it. cuz its damn damn damn hard to understand n piece together those lil pieces of memories.

this is the kind of movie that leaves u satisfied but unsatisfied. wanting to watch it again n again. n the kinda movie that u would still rather watch if u got stuck sitting front row in the theatre with no jacket n hps ringing all round u.

n i thought movies are shallow n pointless. boy. was i wrong.

i have never had a favourite or best movie. but i did tell lesly that i like deep stuffs.
memento is my fave n best movie now.

but i wont recommend this to unfocused/dumb/stupid/unintelligent people. u'll probably fall asleep.

must force ah b to watch with me again. if i ever reformat my pc..i'll tattoo on my breasts " download memento"

i wanna make movies like this. better movies compared to this.

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