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what women really want

one day.....king arture was ambushed!!


n imprisoned by the monarch of a neighbouring kingdom...

but since heroes dont die that easily.. arthur of cos was given a 2nd chance.

the monarch will grant him freedom as long as he could answer a vvvvvvvvvv difficult qeustion..

for the suspense.. of cos.. arthur is given a year to figure out the answer
n death is the penalty..naturally...

what do women really want?

thats teh question.

so the arthur who was young then..returned to his kingdom n began surveying everybody.
princesses. harlots.sluts.bitches. geniuses. court jesters. prostitutes.

n no one could give him the answer because if someone does, the story is meaningless.

oh anyway many people advised him to consult the old witch.. convinced that she knew the answer.
n she is famous for charging exorbitant prices for her services.

the last day of the year drew near. n arthur arrived at the witch'es doorstep.much to the liking of the audience.

the witch agreed to answer his question. on one condition.

she wish to marry Gawain, arthur's best night n best mate.

so arthur seemingly flabbergasted.

shes hunch back. hideous. with warts. smelling like sewage full of shitz!! n make obscene noises all the time!! burp!! fart!! belch!! snake for hair. stone for eye! 3 fingers each hand!!! railway track teeth!!!!
oops. sorry. got carried away...

and the usual womenly rejection began.. arthur couldnt bear to wreck poor gawain's life with the marriage..
gawain couldnt bear to see arthur dead at the end of the year.
and arthur, proclaimed the wedding cuz actually he valued his life more than his friend's happiness..

now...on the wedding day.. the witch answered arthur's question.

what a woman really wants is to be in charge of her own life

well...as we all knew that arthur does not die at the end of the year.. that was supposed to be the truth..
n so it was!!

arthur got his freedom back


the end.

oh wait. actually got somore.

during the wedding .. gawain was gentle.. handsome. courteous. proper.. polite. everything a woman wants in a man.

wherelse.. the witch put forth her worst manners on display... n made everyone feel like its funeral.

and after that. gawain had to have sex with the horrifying witch.n reluctantly walked into the room.. expecting a horrific experience ahead of him..

but lo n behold!!!!!!!!!!!!

the most beautiful girl is waiting for him inside!!

gawain asked.. wat happened???

the beauty replied... oh. since u were so kind to me when i was a witch, i would henceforth be horrible n deformed half the time.. and the other half.. i would be my most beautiful self.
so. which do u want me to be during the day and which during the night???

showing off a gorgeous babe to ur friends?
night.. a living hell of a night mare??


bask in the misery and embarrassment in public
sleepless heavenly nights??

so wat will u choose leh




gawain replied.. its your wish. its up to u...

when the witch hear this. she announced... i would be beautiful all the time... because you respect me enough to let me be in charge of my life.

The moral is: If a woman doesn't get her own way, things get ugly.

actually..nowadays guys use that tactic as reverse psychology..knowing girls will react similiar to the witch's. or react in teh way they want her to.
but its true what women want.

ok. so..

the point of this storyis..

i want...


wat i actually want
1. ice skating rink
2. grand piano. white pls
3. sports car.
4. swimming pool
5. swimsuits
6. king size bed
7. doggy style
8. gang bang
9. cash. cash cash...

wat i realistically want
1. more brains
2. more beauty
3. more personality
4. more kindness in me
5. more love from others
6. more cash...

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