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stomach pain
i have had enough of waiting.
all your so-called plannings... when... when .when will they work out.
and u. u wanted me to go your way all the time. planning slow...
i wanted to depend on u so much.. yet ur never here.
arent we supposed to be happy. instead all we have are emptiness...
always alone during my holidays.. no one to watch the sea with me..
i think... u understood wat i really wanted all along.. u just chose to pretend u did not understand..
you told me again n again u couldnt let go of all the sufferings i made u go thru.
i finally saw. finally understood that this love wont work.
too many obstacles.
but yet u cannot let go . did not let go. crying. begging me to stay.
finally saw. finally understood that this love wont work.
too many obstacles. u still wont let go off my hand.
u rather be a slump... trying to make me stay out of pity.
u wanted me to obey all ur wishes.. planning the future slowly..
but then again. wheres the fucking future?
remember how u plan our past.. all the trust u should have.. caused all the tears again n again.
my face were always pale when with u.. even now thinking of our past i still am pale..
ll the sweetness that were there werent really there.
but the feelings gone. all the expectations i have.. hopes of u changing. been broken again n again.
n u wanted me to piece them all again.. n stay n suffer with u..
finally understood loves not here anymore... n of cos.. u understood this fact too late..too late..
u pushed away my hand.. yet u cry n beg me to stay.
i knew that this love is gone. no more...
too many obstacles...
u cant let me go.. wanting me to sympathy all that u lacked..
sis is acting weird
knew that it wont work.. too late for u to be understanding now..
i finally blurted it out... n u beg...

broke my promise
din make it
feeling awful
pinku dechu why everyone likes pink


dedicated to u. everytime i think of u i seriously think i must be mental last time. mental

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