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they left for genting. n the last words i had for them was a sob n the bang of a door. *slumps* ( _ _ )

i drove 2 humps back to mmu hostel. *proud* (^ ^)

the 2 ah b's got wounds on their left knee. *pus* z(~_~)z

finally finally have my own watch. *happy* \(^o^)/

money are hard to come by. *sighs* (_ _)..ooOO

went out with ck to watch harry potter. drove to her house, to lm, to house again n back to mine. lasted from 6 til 3 am. pasar malam was wonderful. food & tea house was amazing n harry potter was nice. thank u!! *content* (' v ')

ah b din sleep yesterday night cuz i got gastric. he put tiger palm. no. balm tiger. tiger balm. anything la. on my tummy. n hold me til i sleep. i wanna have more gastric. *lovey dovey* %(% v %)%

alone in living room cuz everyone playing dota. lesly havent come back. dennis doing work. *cry* !(` o `)!

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