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silent birth

for those oblivious to the entertainment industry.. tom cruise is now hooked up with katie holmes.


for those not so oblivious to the entertainment industry.. katie holmes is pregnant


.. n she's going to have wat they called a silent birth.
apparently tom cruise's religion of scientology is forcing her to compromise with the otherwise cruel birth later on.

define+silent birth+
.... silent birth is the delivery of a baby without aneathesiezer and without any sort of verbal panic by the mother. meaning she cannot scream at all and theres no pain killer and even teh hospital nurses n doctors must undergo this process silently too.
the practicioners of this process claimed that birth of a child is completely natural and painless..it will save both the baby and the mohter and be both relaxing and painless..the baby should be delivered in the atmostphere of a silent, quiet without any groans, screams of argument between nurses.

this does not mean that all the people involved in the procedure will be 'shhhh'-ing each other..everyone should just be calm.. and after the delivery. the baby will be wrapped tightly in a cloth n be left alone for 2 days.

silent birth my neck. sometimes i shit also scream like hell. u want her to give birth without cutting her hole bigger, n without giving her pain killers, and even do not allow her to scream??
this is torture. tom cruise i hate u

anyway... travolta and preston delivered the baby this way...........um.. until preston cannot tahan last minute and begged n begged to change hospital.

we shall see how katie does... shall we.

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