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too many mistakes
too many times i've said its forever
ashamed, afraid i'm about to be wronged again
but i cannot help proclaiming positively
i cannot help feeling sure..

i learnt that life is sweet if u say it is.
n that life is bitter if u say it is.
learnt that u r good enough if u believe in urself.
and whether attention comes or not, u can still stand tall.

love can grow.. so can it be diminished
love can be faked, so can it become true
tears can be faked, words too..even intention.
what's real is the continuous presence of someone though u are alone.

beauty's what captivate others.
but heart is what keep them with u.
everything can be earned, n lost
everything can be broken, n burned

friends can be envious or jealous of each other
words can complicate even the simplest feeling
even we think n feel according to the words we have learnt.
the dictionary tells that crying is sad and smiling is happy.

strangers walked past each other in life many times
only chance and will keep people apart
too many hands that could be held
too many lonely hearts that could be healed n loved

choose someone. hold someone. love someone
wat bout others thats better, bigger, higher
hold on for a reason, for a feeling, for life
throw away for a reason, feeling or life.

beneath all these obstacles, ugliness, complications
despite the tedious, fake, painful cycle.
i've found someone true.
someone dear.

someone i can be honest and fake with, and still be able to understand whats real and whats not
someone i can trust and doubt, n still be sure i wont be alone
someone i can love and hate, n still end up in each others arms
someone i can teach and learn from, n still feel that i m lucky to have found someone so good
someone i can be serious or crappy with, n still feel happy every second

beautiful.... so beautiful...

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