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finally had time to breathe............................. phew..

get ready for a barrage of videos..
here is another hair curling video... tutorial on how to tidy up your hair using iron tongs.. a very simple technique of horizontal inward curling..

with my new found free time, i have done a digital painting on my newly installed Corel Painter X in my lovely MacBookPro, Kate Austen from Lost.. played by Evangeline Lily..

click for full view

and this is the making of the painting, with some commentary.. i won't call this a tutorial of digital painting.. as everything is going so fast in time lapse.. just some tips and hints on how i usually attack a photorealistic painting... with some insights on how to paint light to give a kick to the colours of the painting..i spent 2 hours doing this painting.. i clamped it down to 10 minutes though in this video..

i think i want to do an original painting soon.. without any references.. and see how good i have become.. all this are aftermath of freelancing and watchin many concept art tutorials..
i guess i m more humble now.. i m not the best. i m not the best. i m not the best. i m not the best.

no harm trying though. (how egoistic of me)

i have taken a habit to taking a photo of my parking space everytime i m out shopping.. to remind me where i parked my car.. i m such a blur klutz when it comes to car and driving.
you should try it too.. if you are often wandering about in the car park looking for your car, while worrying if your parking ticket have already expire from the wander.. :D

my blog is lacking some feminine touch of camwhoring photos.. thus this.

i have enough stuff of me in videos... i don't really take photos nowadays.. but i like some professional ones taken of me though.. hint hint. since i m growing old at a rate of lightning right now due to too much stress and too little sleep...gotta keep some stills of the younger me

i m gonna do a basic curling video soon.. exploring the 3 techniques of direction, position and release... very basic stuff to get beginners started on curling..

(ps if you noticed, i m uploading videos, photos, freelancing like crazy.. i m graduating soon... i m preparing myself.. for wat i have yet to find out... )

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