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Make up Diary II

Visualization 1


Phew.. Got little bit colour already...

Eyes look better already

hair also ok liao..

before our night out...

walao... this week i did alot of first timers...
first time go out clubbing. ( really clubbing that kind)
first time smoke
first time i din work for a whole week.. just laze laze laze
first time i learnt piano from youtube!!
first time someone buy me 700++ bucks worth of nintendo ds lite!!! WOOT
first time i go back home, my dad took the ds and cabut to office.. T_T
first time got photography job. yay!
first time i shop for alot of make up products at once!
COOLNESS. but no more... no more..

dun wanna act like a depressed maniac already...
i m alright now!!!

wanted to post this very long already.. but keep forgetting everytime cuz it really cant be applied to my life or anything.. i just like the lyrics and the surreal melody.. just like my high school days... lol.. but i know how it feels like

Strange and Beautiful , Aqualung (Wicker Park Soundtrack)

i been watching your world from afar..
been trying to be where you are.
and i have been secretly falling apart

to me.. you are strange and you are beautiful
you will be so perfect with me but you just don't see
you turn every head but you don't see me
sometimes.. the last thing you want comes in first
sometimes.. the first thing you want never comes
and i know. waiting is all you can do

i'll put a spell on you
you'll fall asleep and i'll put a spell on you
and when i wake u i'll be the first thing you see
and you will realize. that you love me.

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