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Stress for no apparent reason

what will happen if suddenly a top company hires you with good pay for some minimal work?

here is what happened..
i was so FUCKING stress over the standard, afraid i couldnt work up to their standard.
it was so bad until i checked around 10-20 horoscopes each day during work, using them to reassure myself that i will be fine. (of cos i ignored the bad omens)

of course i was stressed for no apparent reason.
n yes i have long realized that there are other people out there with better skills and talents compared to me. but hey, i m doing alright arent i.

the first mistake was to be over-elaborate and over-designing my work. and showing it at the last minute, well of course shit happened... even though it looked good.. the idea wasn't correct..

then i did some simple stuff, and that got approved. silly me.. always complicating things.
now i m doing the finals, and yes i hve just checked the horoscopes...
i m still fucking stressed. u should see my face, botox wouldn't help.

when i am done i wanna buy myself a nintendo ds lite. n play until i die.

yea right. as if. there are already incoming jobs...

life is stressful. stress is my best friend. glamour is my addiction.

i m gonna end up in a coffin at 25.

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