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make up Diary II

can't seem to work, thought i fool around with photoshop

WARNING! weird things ahead.

this is me. i have big stuff.
big eyes
big nose
big mouth
big boobs
big ego
this is me with little makeup.

this is me with cool green eyes n cute fun lips

this is me when i m feeling like a girl. like a feminine girl.
i m a man but i can pretend ma.

this is me when i m rushed during make up. n i will end up looking like this

this is me when the night before i put my make up, someone praises me
and i m feel that ugly make up will still look good on me

this is me when i m feeling left out and lack of attention

this is me on the coming friday when i get my MAC FAFI eye pallete

this is me in the dreams of my friends

this is me in my dreams

this is me when i m surrounded by old uncles who keep looking my way

this is me when i wanna be someone else or when i feel like murdering someone else

this is me when i sing

this is me in my boyfriend's dream

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