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i havent been this distressed for a long time

I made a move that is both stupid n foolish
i know its not gonna happen, i know i m stupid for doing it.
and yet i go n do it.
very good. serves me right

II my MAC book pro crashed
when my windows crash.. i will rejoice and think that yay! i can finally upgrade this junk.
but my MAC crashed. nothing could ever prepared me for this day.
i totally love my MAC, i abandoned my useless windows for months, just doting on my MAC
everything is inside. lovely photos, my hard work..
it just crashed. HD failure.
i am so distressed right now.
i can't do anything, because..
1. i don't have a small screwdriver to readjust the position of the hd inside...
2. the boot up disc is in my home far far away for me to try to boot from cd
3. the warranty is also in my home far far away... which is my last resort as they will just replace a new hd for me.. my darling data will be gone.



William Leong said...

how old's your mac?

tip: always bring your boot cds wherever you stay.

barb michelen said...

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