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what blogs do u like??

cute little blogs that only n will only rant about daily happenings?? with a cutesy voice...teehee... lalalala.... n of cos... a prettee face..:p like this..??

or gothic like blogs that hate everything n everyone thats normal..n pride themselves with their equisite taste of death n gross. one word-freak.but special to read

..hmm...or never seen before blogs that dealt with unacceptable but interesting happenings. like...rape. or death. or family disowning their child...or gay. or fucking positions..like this cute lil pacifier sucking guy here..mmm..i m hungry. kiss me..

or... sacarstic ... full blown to the head, selfish..self centred..everyone's ugly but her...yet. ...voted Most Read n Popular Blog in the singapore because she has a happening life n a bad mouth. n..
not to mention... a hello kitty vibrator. :D see it here.

...or..hmm.. a too good to be true daily happenings fucked up with sweet words that will fool not even girls.nor guys. get real.

...ah. i can't leave out depressed blogs. blogs that are usually private. cuz they r full of cussing n wanking n murdering other blogs n other people in their life..
heh... no links.

n of cos....photologs. pictures tat depict a thousand words. but still. devoid of text cuz apparently the blogger has no time or no wit. but ah. there r those who can BOTH TYPE n POSE. :D

..or .. of cos..the regular joke blog

...not to mention cute guys. ... 2 of them. wao.. double serving!! ..packed with alcoholic nights. cute gurls pic. n humour to match. drool here*

now now..... calm down.. cute girls are not all lost here. cute. photographer. also packed with alcoholic nights. cute guys. n humour to match. drool here*

n the smart ones. of cos..smart can be boring. but this is short. n sharp. enlighten urself.

but the beatiful ones. are everywhere. make yours beautiful here... compatible with xanga, movable type n blogger..

or do u only read those whom authors u know personally..
ok. if i put links. it will be a long day for u n me.



get all of them...all those written above...HERE

ah... i see u haven't click. perhaps u r smart. cuz that links back to this noisy page.
just pulling ur leg.

have a thought. what sort of a blogger are u.

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