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a story only the Longs will experience

this morning i woke up 3 times.

i woke up at 9am

i woke up at 12 pm

the last time i woke up was 5 pm. which was when i go downstairs.

there was a char siew pau and a sandwich on the table. n my sister was there. i reached for the pau.. it was hard... cold. so i take the sandwich instead.

my sis said ' cut it into half ..no you must cut it into half'


i just bite into it... she started howling. non stop.

crying. wailing. shouting yelling. howling non stop.

my maid came into the scene.

'nor... u makan jeh jeh punya pau, jeh jeh maken u punya bread lor...'


8 hours ago....

she held 2 paus. to my room. knocked on the door.. ask me to wake up n eat... i shooed her away. she went downstairs.. n eat one of my paus.

now she is crying non stop. becauSe i ate hers.. i offered it back to her..

'i dunw an ur saliva.....'

she cried for a full half n hour.....

when i played mario super bros... she laughed almost immediately.

is this cute.....or is this annoying......




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