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i dun give a damn what u put in ur god damned blog.

dun hint to me when u have lied to me from the start that it is not my heart u wanted.

could be my cunt, but i supposed it wasn't satisfying enough for u.

could be u just wanna hurt someone.

yea. u two timed me all these while. 2 years. when i was with u. u were with that bitch. even spreaded nude photos in my school.

still i stayEd with u.

did ur forsaken assignments.

fuck it.

every fucking time we meet, u ignored me one month after that.

i worked 2 months for u. gave 100 to my paretns. n 700 bucks on that watch u dun even wear.

i rejected working in ASTRO for u. n wat happened in the end.?? i rejected for nothing!!! cuz u din even come here.

u fucked up asshole! u think that i m egoistic.. n u think that u r always right. do u have any idea how fucked up ur psychotic mind is????

i m a free woman until i meet u! u n ur marriage brain washing 'i'll-die-for-you and you-are-the-right-one-eventhough-you-are-not' bullshit. until i m so fucking stuck with u even though there were so many sweet asses i wanna suck out there turned to be sour cuz i m afraid u will fucking leave me!

u n ur jealous mind. haven't u heard??? love isn't jealous!!!!
u won't even let me talk to guys!!!!!! nto even look at them!!!

u n ur psychotic mind. how FUCKING dare YOU FANTASIZE me GETTING RAPED!! gang raped!!

how dare you tell me that i m wrong just because i m a fuckign chick!!??? n i supposed this blog entry is wrong because i m supposed to be dutiful n trust u all the way!!??? eventhough u r the one that fucked around with me firsdt/????

test me with all ur fucking friends. yea. FUCK YOU. FUCK THEM. HOW THE FUCKING HELL WOULD I KNOW I M NOT SUPPOSED TO EVEN TALK TO THEM??? i did fuckign tell them i love u!!!!!!.. but did u care????

that i couldn't go on with another guy that i have loved so much because i have become as fucked up n as jealous n as possessive as you!!??? do u fuckign know how much i had to change ??? do u KNOW how SPOILT I M???? do u FUCKING KNOW THAT the one i love now is feeling so fucked up because of the way u made me????

FUCK YOU. dun make me do the one thing i could do.

n YOU!. dun EVEN THINK OF SPOILING MY REPUTATION IN MMU!.. cuz it won't work no more. u have prepared me to face abuse. verbal or reputation abuse. n i SWEAR ON HER HONEY ASS THAT IF U DO, i will kill you.


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